Womens meeting

southern fisheries organization

fisher women in nilwella maintaining home garden. she is really interesting her small garden and said that it is good for her health and economy. husband also support her work

"jayalanka" womens nilwella provided food for elder people thy are living in elderly home. and they clean the premises and enjoy with them

"peramaga" womens group meeting was held 13th of octomber. they elected new womens leaders for next year they ar conducting welfare activity in their group. they provided donation for one of their member

distrct community meeting was held sfo premises. we discussed about proposed fisheris labour union. and also world fisheries day also elected new leaders for next year

anniversary of "dolenatharu" womens society dewgampura

"jayalanka"society  nilwella celebrated their anniversary . the new leaders for next year elected in the meeting

leaders of the hanwella and nilwella joined a discussion about climate change and how effect their livelilhood. which kind of altenatives they choose when fish havest is lost. because of climate change

anniversary of the womens group in dewgampura



Photos of past events and activities

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